About me

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all fine, I have decided, after a very long time thinking, that I would just do it, not for me, but for people’s business.

My name is John, the aim of this project is to help you out in your businesses. I have been working on Ecommerce for the last 10 years. Particularly in the 2 biggest Ecommerce companies in France. I have learnt through these experiences how to become successful, that’s what I want to share today, in this blog.

I have a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management. And as described above, I have been working with the most succesful ecommerce companies in France as :

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Performance Manager
  • Project Manager

As a result, I know all the steps, and the processes to apply in your own businesses to achieve success too.

There are 3 main goals to this blog:

  • To post blog contents in order to share tips and best practices to achieve success
  • Create a community and share a powerful network to the business-performances’ users
  • To give you high valuable guidelines/knowledges/skills through one to ones